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Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are now commonplace among dental offices, but it wasn’t always that way. Within the last generation, it went from grainy, poor-quality images from a massive x-ray machine, up to what we now are able to use. Instead of pictures that are hard to distinguish, we can now offer nearly instant, digital images of your entire mouth that are much higher quality than the x-rays of old. If you need to come in and see what is going on in your mouth, the experienced staff here at Pickens Family Dentistry is here to help.

Digital X-rays Allow Us to Do More

With the older images that were created by x-ray machines, the pictures were blurry and grainy. It was hard to tell if the image showed a crack in your tooth or if it was just a result of a poor x-ray. With today’s digital x-rays, we can look very closely and clearly at all of the tissues in your mouth and know precisely what is going on. When we take digital x-rays we can be looking for any number of things, including:
Digital x-ray of teeth in Vancouver, WA.
•  How healthy your jaw bones are
•  Any cavities on the outside or the inside of your tooth
•  The condition of the roots of teeth
•  Checking the overall quality of health your mouth has
•  Watching teeth that are still developing or are beginning to erupt
•  Finding out if your periodontal gum disease is the result of poor oral care

We can use digital x-rays for both diagnosing problems and preventing future problems. Plus, today’s x-rays are a lot healthier than the ones we used years ago. Both the patient and our staff used to be exposed to radiation when x-rays were taken. Today’s x-rays are very low in radiation exposure, allowing it to be a much safer experience for both our patients and the people on our staff that perform these x-rays.

There Are Many Types of Digital X-rays We May Request

Bite-wing x-rays are used so we can see what is going on in the back part of your mouth. We can see how your teeth come together when you bite, and we are able to look for any signs of tooth decay between your back teeth from these x-rays.

Periapical x-rays allow us to take a really good look at one tooth. We can see everything from the biting surface of the tooth, up to the root, and everything in between. We can see cracks, chips, or breaks in the tooth, and can get a very good idea how healthy the dentin in your tooth is.

Occlusal x-rays allow us to look up from below your bottom jaw, towards the top. This lets us see how your teeth come together when you bite, and shows us any signs of early problems with how your teeth are positioned.

Panoramic x-rays give us a great view of all your teeth in one picture. These x-rays include both arches, and give details on the jaw, teeth, roots, and other tissues in the same general area of your mouth.

For more information on digital x-rays, call us at (360) 254-6411 today!

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