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What Damage Cavities Between Your Teeth Can Do

Posted on 11/17/2017 by Dr. Pickens
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I'm sure you do everything you can to take care of your teeth. You brush your teeth two times, every single day, floss every day, rinse with mouthwash and everything seems to be going smoothly.

The truth is getting in between your teeth is almost more important than getting those surface areas that you can see in the mirror.

What Cavities Between Your Teeth Can Lead to

Let's be honest, you can't get to all those small spaces in your mouth with an ordinary toothbrush. Maybe you've even stepped it up and purchased an electric toothbrush for yourself. Even if you do everything you're supposed to, you can't count on getting all of it.

We have the tools and the better angle to get between teeth. It really does take a different approach to be able to get into every nook and cranny. You may not even notice a cavity starting until it causes you pain and discomfort. Coming in to see us can save you lots of time and money, and most importantly your teeth.

Usually a cavity between teeth effects both teeth, because they can spread out if not taken care of. Catching it right away with a quick filling can stop the bacteria from spreading and doing more damage.

Leaving it go long enough can lead to a crown or bridgework, even a root canal, or worse, time to pull teeth. Having an infection in your mouth can cause your immune system to step up and take a toll on your body. Keeping you feeling well and looking great is what's most important.

Schedule cleanings with us every six months so we can keep an eye on things. Let us know if there is something that concerns you or maybe something else you can try if you're not getting the results you're looking for.

We have tons of information on healthy snack ideas, and what to do if you're not close to home where you can get to your toothbrush. Keep your confidence up and give us a call and schedule your appointment today.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (360) 254-6411 today.

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