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It Is Important to Listen When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Trying to Tell You Something

Posted on 9/27/2017 by Dr. Pickens
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Have you ever felt that ache in the back of your mouth from your wisdom teeth? What do you think that ache meant? To most, it means their wisdom teeth are coming in. However, it can also mean your wisdom teeth can't come in.

The pain from wisdom teeth is a message to your body. You need to take note of what the message is saying. If you aren't sure what the pain is trying to tell you, go in and see your dentist. They know what the message means, even if you can't decode it.

Paying Attention to Wisdom Teeth

When you notice pain in your wisdom teeth, or in the gums surrounding the teeth that have yet to erupt, then you need to make a note of it. If the pain goes away in a couple of hours, it may just be your wisdom teeth moving and shifting, trying to get into place.

However, if your pain keeps going, you may need to go in and see your dentist about it. They'll want to know as much information as they can, including when it started, what you have done to minimize it, and anything that has made it better or worse.

The more information you can provide your dentist, the better. They will be able to see much more of what is going on with your wisdom teeth once they take a set of x-rays. The films will show them where your wisdom teeth are, and they can compare them to old x-rays to see what type of shifting and moving those teeth have done.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, then your dentist can tell you what they would recommend you do to manage the pain until they are removed.

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