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The Effects of Orange Lipstick on Your Teeth

Posted on 4/20/2017 by Dr. Pickens
A close up of woman’s lips coated in lipstick.
Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or meeting up with old friends, people take note of your smile. Wearing lipstick, especially a bright, bold color, draws that attention to your mouth, and your teeth, whether that was your intention or not.

Orange lipstick is becoming an increasingly popular trend, and makes a very bold statement. But it might not be the statement you want.

Orange Lipstick and Your Teeth

A bright orange lipstick, or even a lipstick that has orange undertones, might not be helping you to give the impression you want. This is because orange lipstick can make your teeth look yellow.

How does it do this exactly? Orange and yellow are fairly close to one another on the color wheel. If your teeth have even the slightest bit of yellow staining on them, orange lipstick, or those with orange undertones, will work to highlight that discoloration. This makes any stains on your teeth stand out as worse than they really are.

Instead of Orange…
If you’re looking to make a bold statement, there are so many other color options to choose from. And many of those options can not only hide stains, but make your teeth appear whiter. Just pay attention to the undertones of the color you choose. Reds, pinks, nudes, or bolder colors like blue and purple can still contain traces of orange.

If you want a red or pink lipstick, aim for a color that has cool undertones, such as hints of blue. Blues are complementary to yellow. This might seem counterintuitive (after all, complementary colors should enhance one another), but blues actually help to cancel out any yellowing on your teeth, and can work to make your smile whiter.

What if You Really Want Orange?
Orange does make quite a statement. If you still really want to go with an orange lipstick, or a color that has orange undertones, there is something you can do to avoid making your teeth look yellow. A whitening product, either over the counter or a professional treatment, will help to eliminate stains, giving your lipstick nothing to highlight except a beautiful, white smile.

An orange lipstick really draws the attention of others to your smile. Make sure that it is not giving off the wrong impression and making your teeth look stained. Contact our office about how whitening can help to get rid of even the most minor stains.

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